What lettering/calligraphy styles do you offer?

We offer many different styles to achieve your overall vision! Reference Letter B Calligraphy and Design’s website gallery or Instagram (@letterbcalligraphy) for ideas. If you decide you would like to work with Letter B Calligraphy and Design, we can also help assist in choosing the best style to complement your project (i.e., save the date or invite designs). If you like what you see, complete this Order Request Form to get started!


Do I need to include extra envelopes/place cards/escort cards? Why?

Yes. Please ensure that you provide extra materials, 25% more than what is needed. This is an industry standard. Unfortunately, when using real ink, ink splatters or smudges are possible. The extra quantity will allow for any ink mistakes or any possible last minute additions.


What is the difference between escort cards and place cards?

Both escort cards and place cards inform guests where they will be seated. Escort cards are typically less formal, include guest name and table indicator, and direct guests to a specific table. Place cards are more formal, include guest name, and direct guests to a specific seat at a table. If you would prefer to not use escort cards, you could also consider a seating chart. Also, you don't have to do place cards unless your venue requires them. Letter B Calligraphy offers all of these items. For more information, refer to the Services page

What is the difference between outer and inner envelopes?

Traditionally, invitations for more formal events are often sent with both inner and outer envelopes. The outer envelope contains the guest's mailing address, and the inner envelope states exactly who is invited to the event and includes the invitation (and any invitation pieces).


How should I format my guest address list?

If you book Letter B Calligraphy and Design, you will receive a guide on how to submit your guest address list, which includes tips and requirements for submitting a guest list. If you have any questions, please let me know before you submit your list. Note: Letter B Calligraphy and Design reserves the right to move information down to next lines due to spacing concerns. You will not be billed for additional lines.


How far in advance do I need to book calligraphy services for invitation envelope addressing?

Letter B Calligraphy and Design recommends booking services about 4 to 6 months in advance of your event, as you will typically want to send your invite to guests 1.5 to 2 months prior to the event. Letter B Calligraphy and Design will also need your final address list at the time of booking, so it’s a good idea to work on this as soon as possible!


What if I find an error in my order or have additional guests I need to add?

Please review your order within 2 days of receiving it to confirm there are no errors. If there are any errors or additions, please email Letter B Calligraphy and Design a complete list of corrections within 2 days of receiving the order, and specify if any errors were caused by the calligrapher. Any errors caused by calligrapher will be free of charge. Letter B Calligraphy and Design will bill the client for any late additions or client errors. Note: Calligraphy/hand-lettering is an art form done by hand, and there may be slight variations in spacing, sizing, margins, color, etc. The client will be billed for any additional changes having to do with these slight variations.


Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Due to the nature of calligraphy and hand-lettering, Letter B Calligraphy and Design does not offer refunds or exchanges on any orders. All sales are final. Please note: it is likely there will be variations in size, spacing, and style of hand-lettered pieces. These variations are what make calligraphy/hand-lettered orders so special!  


Do you accept rush order requests?

Rush orders (any order that is placed less than 2 weeks before required completion date) may be possible for a 30% additional fee. Contact Letter B Calligraphy and Design as soon as you can to discuss!


Have questions not listed above?  Contact  Letter B Calligraphy and Design.

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